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Laser Electronic Spectrum Analyzer

For the fluorescent diagnostics (FD) we can study either the natural autofluorescence of background of the concerned tissue, or the distribution of fluorescence for an exogen fluorochrome, for example one of those used in photodynamic therapy, or the combination of the two methods. Any of these ways assumes measurement and the analysis of the spectral properties of the optical signal received from a tissue.

Last achievements in the field of fine mechanics and the computer industry have allowed us to create unique spectrometer system LESA-01-BIOSPEC. The system so small, that can be placed inside a personal computer. The system does not have moving parts, does not demand any adjustment as classical spectrometers. LESA-01-BIOSPEC is much more convenient in work because optical fiber systems are used for light delivery.

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Light Emitting Diode Systems

High power and wide choice of wavelengths of light emitting diodes (LED) in the market have facilitated the production of LED sources for therapy and diagnostics. BIOSPEC's LED systems UFPh-630/675-01-BIOSPEC have built-in imager allowing visual control of photosensitizer accumulation.

These devices are also the most inexpensive way to carry out photodynamic therapy of superficial tumors.

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