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JSC BioSpec is the most significant company in the Russian market of equipment for fluorescent diagnostics and photodynamic therapy (PDT) of cancer. BioSpec develops, manufactures and realizes the whole complex of certified devices required for successful treatment of oncological diseases by PDT. The main research activity of BioSpec is the development and employment of methods of spectral tissue analysis for clinical and biomedical application.

Now about fifteen full-time employees, including seven Ph.D.s, carry out scientific research and development of the advanced equipment for PDT. The company closely cooperates to the majority of Russian and foreign manufacturers of laser and optical equipment and also with many scientific and medical centers.

BioSpec was founded in 1993 on the basis of Laser Biospectroscopy Lab, GPI RAS. Miniature high-performance spectrometers (LESA line) were developed in Laser Biospectroscopy Lab from the beginning of the eighties. Now we may offer you the Laser Electronic Spectrum Analyzer LESA-01-BIOSPEC, approved by Russian Ministry of Health, for fluorescent diagnostics, photodynamic therapy monitoring and for many other applications as oxygenation degree monitoring, absorption, transmission and fluorescent measurements of biological tissues in vivo. Certainly, the use of our spectroscopic systems is not limited only to medical applications. We will consider every inquiry about the use of our systems for spectral analysis in the food-processing industry, chemistry, geology, for the environmental control, etc.

With the beginning of a wide application of photodynamic therapy in Russia in the nineties our company started to develop systems for the realization of therapeutic procedures. Now we may offer you the advanced and reliable equipment based on lasers diodes and light-emitting diodes, including the High-power Laser System for Photodynamic Therapy LPhT-630/675-01- BIOSPEC approved by Russian Ministry of Health and our LED System for PDT and Diagnostics with Fluorescent Imager UFPh-630/675-01-BIOSPEC.

The parameters of our equipment are optimal for use at photodynamic therapy of cancer with Photofrin, Photosan, 5-ALA, Chlorine E6 and phthalocyanines as well as most worldwide used photosensitizers. Fiber optic tools are applied in most devices, allowing their use for any endoscopic procedures.

Our equipment is working successfully in many leading scientific centers and clinics: in 12 Moscow medical institutions (Moscow Medical Academy, Cancer Research Center, Moscow Oncological Research Institute and others), in clinical hospitals of Russia and C.I.S. and in foreign scientific centers in Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, Korea, Poland, USA, Japan).



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