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The variable power range of our laser system LPhT-630/675-01-BIOSPEC enables effective photodynamic therapy of intracavity, interstitial and superficial tumors. The system contains a set of fiber optic tools for different applications. It is generally used for skin, oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, lung, mammary gland, urinary bladder and rectum therapy.

The available wavelengths match therapeutic medical requirements for photodynamic therapy of cancer with Photofrin, Photosan, 5-ALA, Chlorine E6 and phthalocyanines.

Maximum continuous wave optical power is 1 W at the output connector as a rule. Higher optical power is available under customer demand.

The system permits to monitor the optical power and to preset the irradiation time. The irradiation dose is calculated automatically during therapy.

The system is based on fiber coupled laser diodes providing high reliability and high efficiency.

The laser system comes in a compact housing or in a case for 19" rack mounting compatible to DIN 41494.

Key Features

Up to 2 W CW Optical Power

675 nm or 630 nm Wavelength Ranges

Fiber Optic Tools Set

Automatic Calculation of Irradiation Dose


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