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Safety Eyewear

Lightweight protective eyewear, covering the range of 630/675 nm for use with the LPhT and UFPh series.

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Optical Power Meters


Optical power meter for fiber optic tools measurements. Compatible with most fibers with or without diffuser. Effective replacement of integrating sphere.


Universal optical power meter for measurements of power flux or fibers without diffusers

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Low Power Laser and Light Sources

We create many lasers and light sources for use as a part of LESA-01-BIOSPEC system, and separately. There are following devices among them:

- LHN633-25-BIOSPEC (632.8 nm, 25 mW);
- LSS532-10-BIOSPEC (532 nm, 10 mW);
- LSH-4-BIOSPEC (Halogen Light Source).

All sources with SMA-905 socket. Custom configurations are available.

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