UFPh-630/675-01- BIOSPEC

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LED light source UFPh-630/675-01-BIOSPEC allows performing photodynamic therapy of superficial tumors together with fluorescent monitoring.

Optical properties of the system are optimal for its using during photodynamic therapy with sulphuretted aluminum phthalocyanines (UFPh-675-01-BIOSPEC) or 5-ALA and HPD, hematoporphyrin derivatives (UFPh-630-01-BIOSPEC) photosensitizers.

Integrated high sensitive imaging device enables to observe fluorescent image of superficial tumors on the display screen and determine borders of tissue areas with high photosensitizer accumulation.

System is based on ultra bright light emitting diodes with high reliability and efficiency LED's irradiation form on a tissue a circle with about 10 cm diameter with uniform distribution of light within. Total optical power of the system is up to 1 W, power density is up to 40 mW/cm².

System may be complete with a table holder or tripod.

Key Features

Up to 1 W Optical Power

Uniform Irradiation Distribution

Optional Integrated Imaging Device

Fluorescent Diagnostics Control Option

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