Patent # RU 2189781 C2

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[11] Publication Number: 2189781
[13] Kind of Document: C2
[14] Publication Date: 2002.09.27
[19] Publishing Country or Organization: RU
[21] Appl. No.: 2000118743/14
[22] Filled: 2000.07.17
[24] Effective Dates for Priority rights: 2000.07.17
[46] Claim(s) date: 2002.09.27
[51] Int. Cl.: A61B6/08, A61N5/00
[71] Applicant: Zakrytoe aktsionernoe obshchestvo "BIOSPEK" - "BIOSPEC" JSC
[75] Inventors: Loshchenov V.B., Kiselev G.L.
[73] Assignee: Zakrytoe aktsionernoe obshchestvo "BIOSPEK" - "BIOSPEC" JSC

[57] Abstract:

FIELD: medical engineering. SUBSTANCE: device has casing with light source enclosed inside that is manufactured as matrix with radiators spaced over it and device for controlling radiation intensity distribution having TV camera with spectral selective optical system and device for data presentation. Photodiode and/or laser matrix is fixed on ring-shaped casing surface in the base of ring-shaped luminous flow former unit designed as two truncated coaxial cones inserted with space one into the other. Cone surfaces making the gap are mirror-like and have collars from light impermeable flexible material fixed on end faces. The device for controlling radiation intensity distribution is aligned along the axial line of the luminous flow former unit. EFFECT: lower scattering in the surface objects of tissue; enhance laser radiation safety level. 1 dwg



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