Patent # RU 2172514 C2

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[11] Publication Number: 2172514
[13] Kind of Document: C2
[14] Publication Date: 2001.08.20
[19] Publishing Country or Organization: RU
[21] Appl. No.: 99113706/28
[22] Filled: 1999.06.24
[24] Effective Dates for Priority rights: 1999.06.24
[46] Claim(s) date: 2001.08.20
[51] Int. Cl.: G05B6/02, H01S5/00
[71] Applicant: Zakrytoe aktsionernoe obshchestvo "BIOSPEK" - "BIOSPEC" JSC
[75] Inventors: Bashkatov I.P., Lin'kov K.G., Loshchenov V.B.
[73] Assignee: Bashkatov I.P., Lin'kov K.G., Loshchenov V.B.

[57] Abstract:

FIELD: optoelectronics. SUBSTANCE: proposed semiconductor laser driver has pumping current regulator, current sensor, laser direct radiation power sensor, laser temperature sensor, differential, linear, and exponential amplifiers, adder, discriminator, and inputs for control voltage and for maximum current setting signal. Results of comparison of signals coming from mentioned devices are passed through minimal-signal discriminator to control input of current regulator. In the process laser pumping current, laser direct radiation power, and maximum current setting signal feedback circuits are set up. Feedback circuit that builds up minimal signal across discriminator input is functioning. Driver also has its analog implementing alternative and current regulator implementing alternative that additionally enhances reliability of coherent radiation source using proposed driver. In this way laser power cannot rise above preset level, laser cannot turn off ahead of time. EFFECT: improved reliability of laser and degree of its protection. 3 cl, 4 dwg



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